Welcome to ECFA

European Children’s Film Association
Association Européenne du Cinéma pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse

ECFA is the organisation for all, who are interested in high quality films for children and young people: film makers, producers, promotors, distributors, exhibitors, TV-programmers, festival organizers and film educators.

Audiovisual media in general and cinema in specific are a vehicle for artistic communication and for cultural transmission. Now that the world is becoming a “global village”, children and young people have more and more access to culture and those who use the cinematic media are more numerous than we can imagine.

The aim of ECFA is to bring the children in contact with the great machine called cinema.

ECFA offers a communication panel promoting new ways of co-operation within Europe in the fields of production, festivals, distribution, exhibition and film education. “We want to create a positive attitude towards European films for children – also in its economic and political aspects.”

At the moment ECFA has more than 100 members, mostly companies and organisations, coming from 36 different countries.

ECFA is convinced that European films for children and young people could not only succeed, but could also find a profitable audience. Children and young people are not only the future of our society, but also an important part of it here and now, with enormous emotional, cultural and of course material needs.

Since its foundation in 1988 ECFA has organized meetings and events to promote and stimulate the development of European films for children and young people.


ECFA Project: Children’s Film First

Children’s Film First was a year long project which comprises a number of peer-learning activities for film literacy professionals, in order to stimulate audience development. A project funded by Creative Europe
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