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Ruby Red

Original title: Rubinrot
German title: Rubinrot
Germany, 2012

Director: Fuchssteiner, Felix
Production company: Lieblingsfilm
Co-producers: Geißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion/Cologne, Tele München/Munich
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Gwendolyn Shepherd is actually a very normal 16-year-old teen. What’s annoying is that her family definitely has a tad too many secrets. They all have to do with the time-travel gene that is passed down in the family. Everyone is certain that Gwen’s cousin Charlotte has the gene, and so everything is all Charlotte, all the time. Until the day Gwen, out of the clear blue sky, suddenly finds herself in London at the end of the 19th century. She knows right away that she, and not Charlotte, was born to be a time traveler – even if she could certainly do without it. Just as she could do without Charlotte’s arrogant boyfriend Gideon de Villiers, with whom she now has to forge an alliance in order to clear up the biggest secret of her family history. One thing is clear: she will do everything possible to solve the ancient mysteries. What isn’t clear is that one should not fall in love between the times. For that really makes things complicated!

Marketing strategies:
Based on Kerstin Gier’s best-selling novel "Ruby Red".

This is part one of the "Precious Stone Trilogy": "Ruby Red", "Sapphire Blue" & "Emerald Green"

Zlin 2013, Buster Copenhagen 2013, Schlingel Chemnitz 2013, Juniorfest Pilsen 2013

World sales address/es:
Tele München (DE)

Sold to:
Concorde (D)