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Rudy - The Return of the Racing Pig

Original title: Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel 2
German title: Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel 2
Germany, 2007

Director: Timm, Peter
Production company: Relevant Film, Hamburg
Co-producers: WDR
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Up to now, Nickel and his single dad Thomas have been managing very well together. Then Nickel goes on a school excursion and brings the little piglet Rudy back with him in his rucksack. Once he's home, he makes a terrifying discovery: dad has a girlfriend! Worse yet, she's moved in with him and brought her daughter Felicitas, "Feli", along! Nickel makes a deal with Thomas: if those two stay, then so can Rudy. When life becomes unbearable for Nickel, he flees with Rudy to "Porkland," followed by Feli and pursued by two dumb crooks. It's the beginning of an adventure that ends in the swamps of the Oder Valley, where Rudy saves the lives of the two children and finds a new home.

Following his hit family film Rudy, The Racing Pig, which won the Bavarian Film Award in 1996, director Peter Timm sets his prize porker loose again in the cinemas alongside top stars Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others, Speer and Hitler), Sophie von Kessel, Dominique Horwitz and Andreas Schmidt. (Source: www.german-cinema.de)

Marketing strategies:
Sequel to the German box-office hit from 1995.

Zlin 2007, Giffoni 2007, Cinemagic Belfast 2007 (awarded)

World sales address/es:
Bavaria Film International (D)

Sold to:
Warner Brothers (DE)
Warner (CH)