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Ricky – Three´s a Crowd

Original title: Ricky – Normal war gestern
German title: Ricky – Normal war gestern
Germany, 2013

Director: Pieck, Kai S.
Production company: Jost Hering Films Berlin
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

10-year old Ricky knows no fear, but still comes off worst against his cooler, bigger, brother Micha (15), who is always telling him to “Piss off!”

His parents’ woodworking shop provides the one place where Ricky feels safe, but the business is in trouble, the family’s existence in the balance. With emotions high, Micha’s running dispute with his father threatens to boil over.

Things change when tough girl Alex (13) moves to the village. Micha has the hots for this unusual girl, but because she plays very hard to get he employs his clever, younger, brother as his spy. In return, Ricky gets Micha for his bodyguard, 24/7, and the two become a team: Ricky finally has the close relationship with his brother he has always longed for.

Amazingly, Ricky becomes friends with Alex and provides Micha with valuable information. Even more: he feels a kinship with her, something that could almost be his very first love. He even shows Alex his secret retreat, a small clump of trees with a hidden clearing.

Suddenly, however, Ricky must decide where his loyalties lie. Does he want to keep on spying for Micha or should he carry on meeting with Alex on his own initiative? Also, what should he do now when Micha says the espionage mission is over and suddenly makes his own date with Alex? Not even the Chinese novice monk, Xi Lao Peng, who exists only in Ricky’s imagination and with whom he trains Kung-Fu in order to finally become invincible, can help him.

As much as their secret mission brought the brothers together, the mistrust between them flares up again just as suddenly. The crisis in Micha and his father’s relationship reaches a peak and Micha decides to run away from home: it is also Alex’s opportunity to finally turn her back on the village she hates so much. Micha bets everything on a single card and so risks not only his own life. At which point Ricky shows his true greatness...
(SK, www.german-films.de)

Marketing strategies:
Festival Contact: Renate Zylla, rzylla@arcor.de

Golden Sparrow Gera/Erfurt 2013, Zlin 2013, Oulu 2013, Fünf Seen Festival 2013 (In Competition), Giffoni 2013, International Children's Film Festival Brussels 2013, 12th China International Children’s Film Festival in Siping City 2013, Cinemagic Belfast 2013, International Film Festival for Children & Youth Yerevan 2013, Cinekid Amsterdam 2013, Children's Film Fest Münster 2013, Filemon Brussels 2013, Mexico City 2014, Juniorfest Pilsen 2013, Oulu 2013, Cinemagic Belfast 2013, Seattke 2014 (awarded), Vancouver 2014, Stockholm Junior 2014, Krakow CFF 2014, CFF Bangladesh Dhaka 2016

Website: www.ricky-derfilm.de

World sales address/es:
Beta Cinema (DE)

Sold to:
Farbfilm-Verleih (D)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)
Einhorn-Film (A)