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Original title: Ratcatcher
Great Britain, 1999

Director: Ramsay, Lynne
Production company: Holy Coew Films
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

12-year-old James is involved in a tragic accident. He plays with his friends at a canal and one of his friends drowns. James' world is shaped by despaire, poverty and neglect. He meets Margret Anne and they get friends. After his father is decorated for saving James' friend Kenny from the black water of the canal, james goes to visit the place of the accident for one last time...

"The Grand Prix goes to Ratcatcher for its creative vision, emotional tenderness, and intuitive evocation of a harsh childhood." (Jury at the 2nd Bratislava International Film Festival)

Frankfurt 2000, Bratislava 2000 (Grand Prix)

World sales address/es:
National Film Trustee (GB)

Sold to:
Top Film Verleih (A)
Diaphana (F)
CinéArt (BE)
Sandrew Metronome DK A/S (DK)
Istituto Luce (I)
Good Times (Iceland)
A-Film (NL)
Gutek (PL)
Atalanta (PT)
Pathé Int. & UK
G 2 Films (GB)