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Renard, the Fox

Original title: Roman de Renart. Le
German title: Reineke Fuchs
Luxembourg, 2004

Director: Schiel, Thierry
Production company: Oniria Productions S.A.
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation. The film tells the hilarious yet moving adventure of cunning Renart, an outlaw constantly at odds with feudal laws of his society, who is characterized by a "liberal attitude" towards the property of others. However, the motivation for his pursuit of riches is simply to make a decent living for his children. In his quest for an elusive treasure, Renart has ample opportunity to demonstrate how a quick mind can triumph over brute strength despite the congenial incompetence of his motley gang of associates.

Like in Goethe’s 1793 fable of the same name, this new adaptation harbors a social critique. At the same time, the film Reineke Fuchs wants to be above all a comedy. Reineke, the thief with a big heart, only takes from the rich in order to help the poor, and especially their families. Nevertheless, the Nobel Lion, king of all animals, wants to bring him before the court and have him justly punished. Yet, at the very last moment Reineke is able to flee. Beside him is Rufus, the true and loyal rat. By accident, the two rather dissimilar travelling companions find out about a treasure which Isegrim the wolf is after. A treasure which grants eternal youth to whoever owns it. In their search for the treasure, Reineke and Rufus together go through a journey full of adventure where they have to continually out smart their enemies. Once again we see a clever head victorious over brutal and mindless violence.

Marketing strategies:
"Renart, the Fox", is a comedy based on the widely known fable "Le Roman de renart".

Sold to Benelux, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden.

Montreal 2005 (awarded), Anima Brussels 2005 (awarded), Frankfurt 2005, Kassel 2005, Sprockets Toronto 2006 (awarded)

Website: www.oniriapictures.com/renardweb.html

World sales address/es:
Oniria (Lux)

Sold to:
Intersonic (SK)
TFM Distribution (F)
Vision (PL)