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Dragon Hunters

Original title: Chasseurs de Dragons
France/Germany/Luxembourg, 2008

Director: Ivernel, Guillaume & Qwak, Arthur
Production company: Futurikon
Co-producers: Mac Guff Ligne, France 3 Cinéma
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

The exciting world of Dragon Hunters is made up of a myriad of little islands floating in the air. This fledging world is mainly inhabited by coarse beggars, gruff peasants, and illiterate lords of no account.
Their preoccupations center around two fundamental ideas: eating and not being eaten. For this world is victim of a terrible scourge: the omnipresence of mutant creatures that are monstrously hungry known by the locals as “Dragons.”
Gwizdo and Lian-chu are two Dragon Hunters, but they’re not the best, far from it in fact. Their only real attributes: Lian-Chu’s impressive size (inside this large beast beats a kind heart) and Gwizdo’s gift for scams of any kind. Their only ambition: to buy a little farm where they’ll live happily ever after raising mussels, an animal definitely less difficult to catch than dragons.
A few islands away, Lord Arnode’s fortress stands. He has a problem, for he lives in terror of the return of World Gobbler, this terrible dragon that returns to spread terror and horror every thirty seasons. No one has managed to beat him or return alive from battle with him. Zoé, Lord Arnode’s great-niece, has decided to take the situation in hand and meets up with Gwizdo and Lian-Chu. Convinced that she’s found the heroes of her dreams, she drags them into a crazy adventure.

Marketing strategies:
Based on a TV-series.

Shanghai 2008, Buster Copenhagen 2008 (awarded), New York Int. CFF 2009, Leeds Young People's Film Festival 2009 (awarded), Sprockets Toronto 2009, Discoveryfilmfestival Dundee 2009

Website: www.chasseursdedragons-lefilm.fr

World sales address/es:
Futurikon (F)

Sold to:
Bac (F)
Universum (DE)
MovieBiz Films (CH)