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Different Way, A

Original title: Hannah Med H
German title: Hannah mit H
Sweden, 2003

Director: Olofson, Christina
Production company: CO. Film
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Hannah often cuts classes and instead spends her time writing small poems on post it stickers which she puts up in supermarkets, on cars and lamp posts. When three different and interesting guys enter her life, Hannah is pushed in different directions. A mysterious, mature man who pretends to be interested in her poetry flirts heavily with her, an animal activist gets her involved in political activism, and a Bosnian refugee needs help to learn how to swim. But something is wrong: Every night Hannah’s phone rings, but when she answers it, no one is there. She also has a strange feeling that someone is watching her.

Buster Copenhagen 2003, Lübeck 2003 (awarded), Malmö 2004, Zlin 2004 (awarded)


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