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Dixie and the Zombie Rebellion

Original title: Dixie eta matxinada zonbia
German title: Dixie und die Zombie Rebellion *
Spain, 2014

Director: Beitia, Beñat & Ramón, Ricardo
Production company: Abra Prod
Age recommendation: 7 years and up
Length: 82 min.
Film genre: Animation

Just when everything was going so perfectly for Dixie back at school, her old zombie friends, Gonner and Isis, show up with bad news: The wicked Nebulosa is leading the zombies in a rebellion against all mortals so that she can finally achieve her dream of conquering the world. As bearer of the magical Azoth, only Dixie can stop her, but in a final battle between zombies and mortals, which side will Dixie ultimately choose?

San Sebastian IFF 2014, Rio de Janeiro IFF 2014, Mar de Plata FF 2014, Stockholm Junior 2015, Golden Elephant Hyderabad 2015

Website: dixiezombi.com

World sales address/es:
Atera Films (ES)