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Original title: Doru
German title: Doru
Turkey, 2017

Director: Soysal, Can
Production company: Anibera
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 91 min.
Film genre: Animation

Young horse Doru joins a horse herd with her mother Karas?krak and other horses enjoy her existence in the herd in a really short time. Children’s favorite animation character Doru and her best friend Karatay handle with adventureful situations while the herd escapes from the wicked farm owners!

Doru is an animation about the Turkish jade horses on the foothills of Erciyes, between Nev?ehir and Kayseri provinces of Turkey.

Marketing strategies:
Feature film adaptation from a cartoon which is very popular among children in Turkey, also available as a TV-series.

Antalya IFF 2017

Website: anibera.com/en/projects/doru.htm

World sales address/es:
Anibera (TR)