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Original title: Élève Ducobu, L'
German title: Ducoboo
France, 2011

Director: Chauveron, Philippe de
Production company: UGC Images
Co-producers: TF1 Films Production, TF1 Droits Audiovisuels
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Ducobu has once again been expelled. This time, to avoid ending up in boarding school, he's only got one option left open to him. He must succeed at Saint Potache school. Everyone's favorite dunce must surpass himself at inventing new ways to copy from his neighbors and to cheat. Challenges await him, for Monsieur Latouche, his formidable teacher, is a fierce opponent, and Léonie, the top student, won't be charmed by him for long, making copying from her very difficult.

Marketing strategies:
A lively and inventive family comedy freely adapted from the famous comic strip translated into 10 languages.

Vienna 2011, Toronto 2012

World sales address/es:
TFI Studio (F)

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