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Original title: Diari (Cahiers)
German title: Tagebücher
Italy, 2008

Director: Azzola, Attilio
Production company: Furicampo Production
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Three episodes, three diaries: 16-year-old Leonora Villa, named Leo, is dissatisfied with her lives. When she cannot sleep at night, she confides in her diary. At school she lacks concentration, at home, she has arguments with her mother and there is nothing going on with her boyfriend. Suddenly, one day her father appears. There had been no contact between them for ten years. Leo is angry with him because he messed up her childhood, but deep in her heart, she loves him. Perhaps he can bring order into her life now? Ali Trabelsi is the same age as Leo. His family is from Tunisia, where he now wants to spend great holidays. But his father, a gardener, assigns him work on holidays. Now Ali is mad too. In his spare time he draws mangas. Their heroes suit his romantic ideas. In internet chats he tries to conquer the heart of Sara, an attractive girl who is unattainable for him in real life. And he almost seems to succeed with the help of his mangas ...  The life paths of Leo and Ali intersect with Michele Mancha, a respected professor. In retirement he hopes to have enough time to fulfill his dreams. His greatest wish is seeing the love of his life again that he lost 40 years ago. The letters he wrote but never sent to her are a unique diary. And somehow his fascinating old-fashioned ideas rub off on the young people.

Chemnitz 2008, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2008, Buster Copenhagen 2009, ICFFCY Nikosia/Cyprus 2009, Leeds 2010 (awarded), Reel2Real Vancouver 2010, Vilnius 2010

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Noura Produzioni (IT)