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Dobryna and the Dragon

Original title: Dobrynya Nikitich I Zmey Gorynych
German title: Dobrynya und der Drachen *
Russia, 2006

Director: Maximov, Ilya
Production company: Melnitsa Studio

Zabaya, the duke’s niece, is young, beautiful and in love with the young messenger Yelisev. The duke is a gambler and is in big debt with a rich merchant who wants to marry his niece. The two business men make a plan. The merchant hides the girl and tries to make her marry him. Meanwhile the duke tells everyone that Zabaya has been kidnapped by a dragon. Dobrinya Nikitich, the local hero, is called to set out on a journey to save the girl from the dragon’s clutches. Yelisey, who is the only one really worried for his beloved, will be his assistant. It will be not easy for Dobrinya and his young follower to accomplish their mission. They know nothing of the duke’s secret pact and will have to fight against an old witch allied with the merchant.

Giffoni 2006, Oulu 2006, Kristiansand 2007

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Melnitsa Studio (RUS)

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3-L Homevideo (D)