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Original title: Schemer
Netherlands, 2010

Director: Smitsman, Hanro
Production company: Corrino Films
Co-producers: Lemming Film
Age recommendation: 15 years and up

A journey through the minds of a group of high school friends whose particular chemistry will, ultimately, prove fatal. Jessie is a flirtatious, strong-headed and outspoken young woman, desperately in love with Rico who is in a relationship with Frauk. Leader of their high school gang is Caesar, who's the boyfriend of Jessie's best friend Ilse, but who also harbours a secret love for Jessie. The camera follows them by turns - each perspective shedding new light on a particular scene. This kaleidoscopic technique allows the spectator to witnesses how misunderstandings and lies proliferate as jealousy and personal hardship come to the fore. The delicate interplay of their individual - and sometimes contradictory — motives will lead to fatal collective action: the high school gang will plot the murder of one of its own members.

Dusk is an ensemble film loosely based on events that shook the Dutch nation in the recent past. In 2003, sixteen-year-old Maja Bradaric was found dead in Nijmegen, near the German border. A year later, a group of her high school friends were found guilty of her murder. Dutch scriptwriter Anjet Daanje, together with director Hanro Smitsman, has used this fascinating story as inspiration for a philosophical enquiry into the roots of evil. Much more than a simple retelling of 'the facts' as we know them, Schemer is a film about the scapegoat mechanism and the impossibility of coming to a full understanding of the reasons behind such an act of cruelty.

Utrecht 2010 (awarded), San Sebastian 2010, Ghent 2010, Goa 2010, Vittorio Veneto 2011 (awarded), Stockholm Junior 2011, Kristiansand 2011, Zlin 2011, Ale Kino! Poznan 2011 (awarded)

Website: www.schemerdefilm.nl

World sales address/es:
Highpoint (GB)

Sold to:
Independet (NL)