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Dandelion Game, The

Original title: Blazen tot Honderd
German title: Pusteblumenspiel, Das
Netherlands, 1998

Director: Wijk, Peter van
Production company: Corsan Productions N.V.
Co-producers: Molenwiek Film
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Maurits is a boy ot 12 who lives with his father in a village by one of Holland's major rivers. The film is set in the year after his mother died. Maurits doesn't want to accept his mother's death and Maurits' father, a sensitive and artistic man, is not able to share his son's sorrow. In the spring, Maurits meets the mysterious girl Moniek. Together they go on adventurous strolls along the river and a deep friendship emerges during their walks. One could even call it blossoming love. Against the background of the Dutch landscape as it changes through the seasons, Maurits finds out about several more serious facts of life. A dramatic event eventually brings him closer to his father, who in turn forgets his artistic inhibitions and starts painting again. THE DANDELION GAME is the first feature by Peter van Wijk. In the leading role is the young actor Olivier Tuinier, a child star who has already played several (award-winning) film roles (e.g. in THE PENKNIFE by Ben Sombogaart). (Holland Film 1998)

KJK 4/98

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