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Original title: Dreamgate
German title: Dreamgate
Germany, 2000

Director: Dresewski, Brigitta
Production company: Frank A. Thomas
Co-producers: NDR, SF DRS
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Fourteen-year-old Antje lives on Helgoland. During mild summer's night, she discovers a mysterious apparition at sea. Soon afterwards she finds a completely confused boy on the beachwho cannot remember anything and who - strangely enough - only speaks English. He is called Andrew and is lso 14 years old.

Soon the girl realises that there must be a msterious connection between the "Long Anna" and the "Barrier Reef". Together with her friends the "Beachcombers", a group she leads, Antje solves a crime which took place 26 years ago and finds out that she and Andrew, who comes from Australia, have relations belonging to the last generation of the noble Holstein familiy von Remstedt.

Shot on 16mm, postproduced on video.

Gera 2001

World sales address/es:
Thomas (D)

Sold to:
RBB Potsdam (D)