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Year of Production 2022

Louis I., King of the Sheep

English title: Louis I., King of the Sheep
Original title: Louis I., König der Schafe
Germany, 2022, 9 min.

Director: Markus Wulf
Production company:
Hübner/Wallenfels GbR
Levin Hübner und Fabian Wallenfels
Von-Sparr-Str. 72
51063 Cologne
Phone: +49 221 67782315

Co-producers: autumn song production, Irrelevant Media
Age recommendation: 9 years and up
Film genre: Animation

A strong wind blows a paper crown over the pasture. Sheep Louis places it on his head. And accordingly becomes Louis I, King of the Sheep. But his subjects just keep grazing and digesting. Until Louis I gives a speech over the loudspeaker. From now on, the others have to serve and pay homage to him. However, another storm approaches. With pinpoint accuracy and depth, this absurdist stop-motion animation tells the story of the fascination of power.

Based on the book “Louis Ier, roi des moutons” by Olivier Tallec

JEF 2023 (awarded)
Olympia Int. FF 2022 (awarded)
KUKI Festival 2022
Fantoche 2022
Mo&Friese 2022
Berlinale Generation 2022 WP

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