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Year of Production 2022

Smortly Backs come back, The

English title: Smortly Backs come back, The
Original title: Smortly Backs come back, The
Switzerland, Germany, 2022, 8 min., no dialogue

Director: Ted Sieger
Production company:
Little Monster GmbH
Mühlebachstrasse 113
CH – 8008 Zürich

Co-producers: Schattenkabinett GmbH
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Film genre: Animation

In a barren world TamLin of the Little People travels with his herd of splendid smortlybacks in search of greener pastures. They struggle with fear and find themselves stranded on the shore of the ocean. With unlikely help of TamSin a wonderful mermaid and her disrespectful smortlysharks they cross the ocean and find a happy end.