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Year of Production 2022


English title: PLSTC
Original title: PLSTC
France, 2022, 1,37 min.

Director: Laen Sanches
Production company:
Laen Sanches
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Film genre: Animation

Welcome to the world of PLSTC, an undersea dystopia that submerges you in the disturbing reality of plastic pollution. Through a series of graphically confronting AI-generated and hand-composited images, this animated film confronts you with the devastating consequences of our habits on marine life and leaves you gasping for breath.

Animafest Zagreb 2023
International Short FF Oberhausen 2023
Kaboom Animation Festival 2023
REGARD - Festival International du court-métrage au Saguenay 2023
Anima 2023
Clermont-Ferrand International Short FF 2023