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Year of Production 2022

Bob the Little Elephant

English title: Bob the Little Elephant
Original title: Bob le petit éléphant
Belgium, 2022, 2 min.

Director: Louise-Marie Colon, Siona Vidakovic, Collective: 14 Children
Production company:
camera etc
490, rue de Visé
4020 Liège
Phone: +32 (0)4 253 59 97

Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Film genre: Animation

Bob the little elephant doesn’t understand why he has such a terribly long, awkward trunk. His animal friends help him get to know its uses: for example, he can pluck things, put out fires, and go snorkelling.

Cinekid 2023
Festival International du Film d’Education d’Evreux 2023
MICE 2023
Golden Snail – World Children Animated Film Festival 2023
Cartoon Club 2023
Plein la Bobine 2023
Ciné-Motion 2023
Créajeune 2023
IndieLisboa 2023
FIFCA 2023
ANIMA 2023