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Year of Production 2022

What’s Up with the Sky?

English title: What’s Up with the Sky?
Original title: Què li passa al cel?
Spain, 2022, 10 min., no dialogue

Director: Irene Iborra
Production company:
Citoplasmas Stop Motion
c/ Progres 46 Local 1 (izq)
08012 Barcelona
Phone: +34 932854359

Co-producers: Bigaro films
Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Film genre: Animation

The sun rises happily over the horizon and is welcomed by the most beautiful landscape. The humans also wake up and do what they always do: cut down trees, construct aimlessly and pollute without shame. Their ideas and actions, usually very disrespectful to the planet, are putting in jeopardy the whole environment. What they do not realize, is that whatever they do, it will affect them sooner or later. However the cosmos is not that patient…

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