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Year of Production 2022


English title: Grandpa
Original title: Morfar
Norway , 2022, 33 min.

Director: Torgeir Kalvehagen
Production company:
Sanden Media AS
Bergtorasvei 120
4633 Kristiansand
Phone: +47 38 05 67 00

Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Felix (13) and Noah (11) do scooter tricks, play Fortnite and go out with their boat. They have grown up with a playful and active Grandpa. But then Grandpa is diagnosed with ALS, a rare neurodegenerative disease that has no cure. In this honest documentary we are invited in to the boys’ close relationship with their grandfather through the aggressive disease.

Nordic Film Days 2022
Kristiansand 2022