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Year of Production 2020


English title: Souvenir
Original title: Souvenir
Spain, Switzerland, 2020, 13 min., no dialogue

Director: Cristina Vilches Estella, Paloma Canonica
Production company:
Cristina Vilches Estella, Paloma Canonica

Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Film genre: Animation

Souvenir is the story of a father and daughter and the extraordinary journey through their memories.

SOUVENIR is a project I made with my friend Cristina Vilches and with the collaboration with Alicia Bayona.
We created this stop-motion animation in Zaragoza, Spain, where we built our studio in a peculiar place, an almost abandoned market in the city center.
It has been a crazy and sometimes stressful, but wonderful work. (Paloma Canonica)

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