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Year of Production 2020

Big Crunch, The

English title: Big Crunch, The
Original title: Croc'Marmottes
France, 2020, 7 min., no dialogue

Director: Benjamin Botella
Production company:
Vivement Lundi !
11 rue Denis Papin
35000 Rennes

Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Film genre: Animation

It is winter. The snow is falling hard in the mountains. Heidi, Lucie, Léonie and Nickie, the yodeling marmots are looking for a shelter for the next 5 months, the time of their hibernation. In their pérégrination, they will meet Denis, a solo and taciturn ibex, who is looking for only one thing : calm and tranquility.

Zlin FF 2021
Animatricks Animation Festival 2021
Stuttgart International Animated FF 2021