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Year of Production 2020


English title: Fly
Original title: Vuela
Spain, 2020, 15 min., no dialogue

Director: Carlos Gómez-Mira Sagrado
Production company:
Thinkwild Studio!
C/ Castillo de Fuensaldaña Nº4
Las Rozas
28232 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 608 635 645

Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Film genre: Animation

Fly is the story of a bird that has a deformed wing that prevents it from migrating. Everything changes the day Pio-Pio appears. This defenseless chick gives him joy and a sense of purpose in life. Until one day destiny makes him do things that he would´t even do for himself, such as flying.

Olympia IFF 2021 (awarded)
Zlin FF 2021
Giffoni 2021 (awarded)
Watoto IFF 2021
BUFF 2021
Anima 2020
Festival de Cine Independiente de Leyva 2020
Goya 2020

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