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Year of Production 2020

My Family is a Circus

English title: My Family is a Circus
Original title: Circus zonder tent
Belgium, 2020, 15 min.

Director: Nina Landau
Production company:
Mark Daems
Associate Directors
Helmstraat 139A
2140 Borgerhout
Phone: +3232366663

Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Romy has to say goodbye to her classmates because she's going to France. Not on holiday, but to work there: her family's touring circus will spend the entire summer performing in an amusement park. In a letter to her classmates, Romy talks about the ups and downs of her life as a circus artist and about her big dreams.

JEF Festival 2020
IDFA 2020
Cinekid 2020
DokLeipzig 2020
Filemon 2020
Doxs ! 2020
AleKino 2020
ZeroPlus 2020
Kids Kino IFF 2020
Docville 2020