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Year of Production 2020

Dad Magnet

English title: Dad Magnet
Original title: Papamagneet
Belgium, 2020, 17 min.

Director: Daphne van den Blink
Production company:
Timescapes bvba
Schuurstraat 39
9040 Gent

Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Kwinten is proud of his Dad who is the commander of a naval ship. But a new mission takes his Dad to sea again for three months. Kwinten waits for postcards and counts the days. His best friend now lives in another town, but fortunately comes to visit. Coping with missing his father isn’t easy for Kwinten. Seeing him again is all the more wonderful, though.

Chicago ICFF 2020
DOK Leipzig 2020
JEF Festival 2020
Docville 2020
Minikino Film Week 2020
CineKid Screening Club 2020