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Year of Production 2020

To teach a bird to fly

English title: To teach a bird to fly
Finland, 2020, 22 min.

Director: Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts
Production company:
Flatlight Creative House
c/o Y-North
Aittatie 3
96100 Rovaniemi
Phone:+358 50 577 0347

Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

To Teach a Bird to Fly is an documentary-fiction film that explores bird extinction and climate change through a fictionalized story told from the perspective of the future. A woman relates events from the past - today's world - when her grandmother worked as a foster parent to a critically endangered bird, the Northern Bald Ibis. The film follows the Waldrapp project in Germany, where a young woman (the narrator's future grandmother) helps breed and hand-raise the birds. She spends all her time with the birds as their foster parent, teach them to migrate by following a light aircraft across the Alps to their wintering grounds in Tuscany, Italy. The film highlights this process as a locus of hope, not just for the future of the Ibis, but for the future of the environment and the planet. Written by Mark Roberts

Oulu 2020

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