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Year of Production 2020

Becky's Weightloss Palace

English title: Becky's Weightloss Palace
Original title: Becky's Weightloss Palace
Germany, 2020, 8 min.

Director: Bela Brillowska
Production company:
Bela & Mariola Brillowska
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Anorexia. Ouch, this is really a burning issue. These days, the media look only at the crassest, most hackneyed and darkest sides of this eating disorder. What we see are female skeletons that tear their hair out in handfuls and suck dry one slice of cucumber after the other. That doesn't help anyone. Becky has another answer.

OnlineFestival Oberhausen 2020 (awarded)

Video: Film