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Year of Production 2020

Father of Four and the Vikings

English title: Father of Four and the Vikings
Original title: Far til fire & Vikingerne
German title: Father of Four and the Vikings *
Denmark, 2020

Director: Miehe-Renard, Martin
Production company: Asafilm
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 85 min.
Film genre: Feature film

The Father of four family is in crisis and seeks help at a Viking-style crisis center to get the harmony back.
With them they have the elephant Bodil, the family’s old stuffed animal, which will suddenly play a major
role, as she is involved in one of the eager therapists’ self-invented exercises. And if the therapy does not
help with the cohesion, then something happens when it is Bodil’s life at stake ..!

Marketing strategies:
More than 205.000 admissions during Danish autumn holidays in 2021.

Oulu CFF 2021

World sales address/es:
Summerside (IT)

Sold to:
Nordisk Film Biografdistr. (DK)
Nordisk (S)
Nordisk (Fi)
Nordisk (NO)