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Year of Production 2020

Pelle No-Tail

English title: Pelle No-Tail
Original title: Pelle Svanslös
German title: Pelle Schwanzlos
Sweden, 2020

Director: Ryltenius, Christian
Production company: SF Studios
Co-producers: SVT, Sluggerfilm
Age recommendation: 4 years and up
Length: 67 min.
Film genre: Animation

A timeless Swedish animated classic about a pampered kitten who lost his tail. One day a sudden storm steals Pelle from the safe countryside and takes him on a true adventure in the strange city. There Pelle meets the lovely and kind Maya Whitecheeks, and soon a true friendship blossoms. However, it’s not always easy being the new cat in town. Not all the catizens have good intentions and before long Pelle dearly wants to go back home.

Marketing strategies:
Based on the classic Swedish children’s novels by Gösta Knutsson.

ITFS Stuttgart 2020

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Reinvent (DK)

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Svensk Filmindustri (SE)