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Year of Production 2020

ECFA Award Winner

Acasa, My Home

English title: Acasa, My Home
Original title: Acasa, My Home
German title: Acasa, My Home
Romania, Germany, Finland, 2020

Director: Ciorniciuc, Radu
Production company: Manifest Film
Co-producers: Corso Company, Kino Kompany
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 86 min.
Film genre: Documentary

For the last two decades, the Enache family lived in the Bucharest’s Delta, an immense green space in which wildlife has become a rare urban ecosystem. Following the rhythm of the seasons, they live a simple life isolated from society. But their peace is soon to be over: no longer able to escape social services and pressured by the municipality, they are forced to move to the city and learn to conform to the rules of society.

Dok.fest Munich 2020 (awarded), Thessaloniki Doc Fest 2020 (awarded), Sarajevo IFF 2020 (awarded), Sundance IFF 2020 (awarded). Krakow IFF 2020, CPH:Dox Copenhagen 2020, Zürich IFF 2020, Tromsø CFF 2020, Dokfest Kassel 2020 (awarded), Filem'On Brussels CFF 2020 (ECFA Award), Cine Junior Paris 2021, Würzburg IFF 2021, German Camera Award 2021, Biky CFF Busan 2021

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