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Year of Production 2020

Fortuna - The Girl and the Giants

English title: Fortuna - The Girl and the Giants
Original title: Fortuna
German title: Fortuna
Italy, 2020

Director: Gelormini, Nicolangelo
Production company: Dazzle Communication, Indigo Film
Co-producers: Rai Cinema
Age recommendation: 11 years and up
Length: 108 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Fortuna (6 years old) lives with her mother in an anonymous suburb. She spends her time with two playmates, Nicola and Anna, dreaming of being Nancy, an alien princess chased by giants who want to kidnap her and her friends. After a tragic accident happened to Nicola, an obscure secret surfaces in a struggle between reality and imagination, unveiling a horrible truth. A dark fairy tale, based on a true story.

Tallinn IFF 2020, Rome IFF 2020, Hong Kong IFF 2021, Stockholm Junior CFF 2021 (awarded)

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