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Year of Production 2020

Kids Cup

English title: Kids Cup
Original title: Bortebane
German title: Kids Cup
Norway, 2020

Director: Hatland, Line
Production company: Medieoperatørene AS
Length: 85 min.
Film genre: Documentary

Everyone dreams of winning the Norway Cup. The Chinese girls are handpicked to succeed. The Braziliansare impressive on and off the field. The Norwegian team stays in a hotel. But at Ekebergsletta they face stiff competition. There are losses, arguments and personal disappointments. Pride and friendship are at stake as dreams of the gold medal are crushed. "KIDS CUP" is an adrenaline filled, fun and moving film about friendship and football.

World sales address/es:
Medieoperatørene (NO)

Sold to:
Euforia (NO)