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Year of Production 2020

I Have been Waiting for You

English title: I Have been Waiting for You
Original title: C’Est Toi Que J’Attendais
German title: I Have been Waiting for You *
France, 2020

Director: Pillonca, Stéphanie
Production company: Wonder Filmsy
Length: 87 min.
Film genre: Documentary

"They are couples like no others: couples who cannot bear children in a biological way and decide to go through adoption. From this decision and the actual meeting with the child, we’ll experience with them the sufferings, doubts, hopes and finally the joys of this lifechanging journey. With throughout the film, this underlying question: What makes a family? How does this unfailing bond between a child and his/her parent form?"

Giffoni CFF 2021 (awarded)

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