Work in progress: TWICE UPON A TIME

Nika is 9 years old and a spoiled, rebellious princess. Years after her mother’s death, she is still trying to win the attention of her father, the Poet King. Until she finds out that her father’s neglect is caused by his split personality, the Warrior King. The two kings are rivalling with each other, thus ruining the kingdom with their opposed strategies. Nika now has to save herself, save the kingdom and, most importantly, help her father overcome the loss of her mother, which was the initial cause of his split personality. TWICE UPON A TIME was successfully pitched at the CEE Animation Forum, where we spoke with Vojin Vasovic (director & producer) and Milorad Kocic (producer).

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Cassandra Offenberg about CHAMP

“We’ve set a rose and a bed on fire”

Cassandra Offenberg is carefully accosted by an employee of the doxs! festival: if she can please stay in Duisburg for one more night to attend the closing ceremony? That implicates two times good news: she might win a festival award (indeed, the ECFA Doc Award) and we have the opportunity to interview the director of yet another rock-solid documentary under the Dutch Kids & Docs label.

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“An outrageous but not so comfortable dress code”

Since Eia’s parents have little time for her, the 10 year old girl is forced to spend the Christmas holiday with her grandfather on a remote farm, in the middle of the snow covered Estonian forest. There she discovers the beauty of nature and wildlife, threatened by a businessman who has a plan to destroy the primeval forest, inhabited by mysterious owls. While fighting for the protection of Phantom Owl Forest, Eia unwraps a well-kept family secret.

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Producer Milena Klemke about TOO FAR AWAY

“Boys in general love to be on the pitch”

Two kids arrive at the same time in a new school, Ben whose family had to move after their house was sold to a mining company, and Syrian refugee Tariq. They meet not only in class, but also on the football pitch, both aspiring to the same position as the goal scoring striker. We met Milena Klemke, producer of TOO FAR AWAY at the Filem’on festival in Brussels.

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Festival Interview: Claire Shaw about 30 years of Cinemagic

“A flagship arts event in the city of Belfast”

Several festivals that are nowadays among the leading events in the European children’s film circuit were founded 30 years ago. Cinemagic is one of them. There must have been something in the wind back then, as most of these festivals have since developed in a similar way: ever-growing, with a more professional profile and extra attention for the industry.

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Richard Heap about THE RUNAWAYS

Turning donkeys into prima donna’s

Angie and her younger siblings live in a cabin by the sea. Their father hardly makes a living vending donkey-rides at the beach. For this family there is nothing like an evening of dark ale and folk singing in the pub to forget about life’s hardships. But that night Uncle Blythe returns from prison, harbouring a grudge over a long-standing family debt. Not much later the kids find themselves riding two donkeys over the moors under the drizzling rain, trying to escape from Blythe. At the Filem’on Festival we asked director Richard Heap about the exact locations of the film.

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Floor van der Meulen about THE LAST MALE ON EARTH

Rhino and mankind

Sudan is the last of its kind. A northern white rhinoceros, of which there are only three left – two females and this 40 year old bull. The animal is a star, the Kenyan conservancy where he spends his last days, is like a pilgrimage site where thousands come to take selfies and pet the colossus. Extinction as an attraction. “It was surreal to touch something that will soon disappear,” says Dutch director Floor van der Meulen.

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Kato De Boeck about PROVENCE

“That summer I turned silent”

Every summer vacation Camille’s family sets off on a camping trip to the French Provence. This year her brother Tuur is paying extra attention to a couple of girls at the campsite. Camille’s admiration turns into jealousy: what if Tuur meets a girl that he will love more than he loves her? Over the last year, PROVENCE has collected festival awards as if they were autumn leaves.

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