Ga-eun Yoon about THE HOUSE OF US

“My gift to all girls taking charge of their own lives”

Like her heart-melting feature debut THE WORLD OF US, Ga-eun Yoon’s second film THE HOUSE OF US once again stands very close to her own reality. Again the universe she created is delicate, tender and restrained. In Ga-eun’s films, it seems like the world is turning slower, the sky colours softer, and the most crucial words are spoken in a whispering tone. 


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John Sheedy about H IS FOR HAPPINESS

“Oh she is annoying!”

H IS FOR HAPPINESS, a feel good film for all ages, tells the story of two young outsiders… and a miniature horse. The film watches the world through the eyes of a quirky girl, in a joyous celebration of all things slightly odd. After the international premiere at the Berlinale 2020, the Kplus children’s jury (who gave the film a Special Mention) described H IS FOR HAPPINESS as “a motivating film from start to finish… humorous and at the same time profound.

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Martina Sakova about SUMMER REBELS

“A big head on a big screen”

The poster of SUMMER REBELS shows young Jonas biting a watermelon. A perfect illustration for a film that is like a watermelon in itself, summery, sweet and in bright colours, but with a few feisty pits to crack. This German-Slovak co-production, directed by Martina Sakova, had its European festival premiere in the Zlin Film Festival.

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Samuel Kishi Leopo about LOS LOBOS

A love letter to my mother

LOS LOBOS, the Mexican film by Samuel Kishi Leopo had its moment of glory at the Berlinale 2020, where it won not only the Grand Prix of the Int’l Generation Kplus jury but also the Peace Film Prize. According to the jury statement “this sensitively and tenderly told film radically takes the side of humanity. Poetic, courageous and combative, the film shows what it means to build up a new existence in another country.“

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KET & DOC – Flanders

Presenting five new young audience documentaries

Five young audience documentary projects were selected for the first Ket & Doc edition. Before going into production, filmmakers and producers went through a series of workshops, organised by the Flemish Film Fund (VAF). For the emerging filmmakers, this was a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a genre that is relatively new to the Belgian market.

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Eszter Vuojala about the Abloom Festival

“Is it set in stone that our audience should live on the streets?”

The Abloom festival has a unique audience profile: people who can’t afford to buy a cinema ticket. Disabled children, especially with a minority background, don’t find their way easily into the cinema theatres. The 9th edition of the Oslo-based festival will take place in November, but co-programmer Eszter Vuojala has been earning her merits in the world of children’s film for many years already.

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Onur Yagiz about TOPRAK

The ultrasound of an 8 year old boy

Toprak is an 8 year old boy with a Turkish background, living in Paris with his parents. His mother is expecting twins. After joining his parents on a visit to the gynaecologist, his interest shifts from his initial question ‘will they be boys or girls?’ to a much more important question ‘will they be healthy?’ As an interpreter for his parents, he is asked to pass on impactful news. Over the course of one hospital visit, Toprak turns from a boy into a man. When evening falls, the question about boys or girls is no longer on his mind.

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Ivan Pokorný about THE SCENT OF ORANGES

Rules are to be broken

Darek has to look after his mentally handicapped sister Ema, ever since his father has difficulty coping with life. But the summer season looks promising. A herd of sick horses that have become useless to their owners arrives on the farm, and Darek takes a liking to these fast trotting “angels”. Then there is Hanna, who beguilingly smells of oranges. In the Filem’on festivals in Brussels, I speak with Ivan Pokorný about this vibrant teenager story with an opening scene that drags you into the film with its fast paced editing.

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