Film in the Focus: André F. Nebe’s THE RACE

“They could have been right… but they were not!”

DasGrosseRennen_1THE RACE tells about an Irish farming family collapsing while 11 year old daughter Mary is trying to make her dream come true: driving a go-kart and winning a race. Something she can only do with the support of her father, a grumpy farmer with enough problems of his own: agricultural crisis, his wife applying for a divorce and the sudden decline of fatherly authority. The film by André F. Nebe, starring debuting Niamh McGirr and Hollywood star Colm Meany as her father, is a true European co-production. Continue reading “Film in the Focus: André F. Nebe’s THE RACE”


Victims or brave heroines?

For a few years Holland has produced a remarkable amount of teenage movies about young girls and their problems in growing up. More than wherever in Europe. It almost seems like we came across a new genre in the Dutch film industry, although this doesn’t come out of the blue. Film journalist Leo Bankersen researched about the roots and social context of this phenomenon. Continue reading “ABOUT GIRLS IN DUTCH TEENAGE MOVIES”

Interview with Christian Ditter’s THE CROCODILES (Vorstadtkrokodile)

“Social backgrounds don’t matter for a child – friendship does”

Crocodiles_titelIn 1977 the book ‘Vorstadtkrokodile’ by Max von der Grün was adapted into a popular TV-film. Now Christian Ditter did a remake for the big screen. THE CROCODILES still carries along the heritage of the late seventies: the film’s perspective on ethnic minorities, disabled children, parenthood, etc. needed to be updated. THE CROCODILES can be considered an interesting case study in group’s dynamics: a bunch of children with different social backgrounds brought together in one gang in the suburbs of a German town. Continue reading “Interview with Christian Ditter’s THE CROCODILES (Vorstadtkrokodile)”

Rose Chamberlain – Editor of ‘Films & Festivals’

“Expelling the festivals would cause the death of independent cinema”

Rose_ChamberlainAs editor of the Internet magazine ‘Films & Festivals’ Rose Chamberlain knows about festivals. But what does she think about the recently discovered circuit of children’s film festivals? “They raise tomorrows’ festival audiences. I find them so very inspiring.”
Continue reading “Rose Chamberlain – Editor of ‘Films & Festivals’”

Film in the Focus: Ilmar Raag’s KLASS

“Revenge could never be a trump in promoting this film”

Ilmar_RaagThe Estonian film KLASS by Ilmar Raag surely asks for a broader explanation of the context. Shocked by the toughness of the story and its violent ending, people come out of the cinema realizing that a relevant story was told, but with no answer to their many questions. That’s how Ilmar Raag wanted it: there is no answer to the problem of teenagers trying to solve their situation by an outburst of mass violence. We can only question ourselves about such tragedies. Continue reading “Film in the Focus: Ilmar Raag’s KLASS”


“Those who search for cynicism in this film, will find nothing”

Martin_DuffyMartin Duffy’s SUMMER OF THE FLYING SAUCER is screened in almost every European festival. It’s hard to label this bizarre science fiction story about a flying saucer falling from the sky and a boy falling in love. Like in his debut THE BOY FROM MERCURY again Martin Duffy finds a shaky balance on the edge of magic and realism. ECFA Journal spoke with Martin about his films, about ‘being different’ and about choosing projects for kids. Continue reading “Martin Duffy’s SUMMER OF THE FLYING SAUCER”