Interview with Bruce Goodison & Masieh Zarrien about LEAVE TO REMAIN

“It’s a rotten collusion”

Leave_to_Remain_extra_1In the vigorous social drama LEAVE TO REMAIN two Afghan asylum seekers in England forge an alliance. Timid shepherd boy Abdoul is taken under the wing by Omar, a natural leader among the boys in the asylum centre. To secure their future, there’s only one thing that counts: a good story is the best way towards a permanent residence. But what if the stories of Abdoul and Omar collide with another? Continue reading “Interview with Bruce Goodison & Masieh Zarrien about LEAVE TO REMAIN”

Interview with Nino Jacusso, director of SHANA – THE WOLF’S MUSIC

A drawling girl, an old violin and a wolf are the ingredients of Shana’s coming-of-age story.

Shana_Foto1As a Canadian First Nations girl the future doesn’t seem to have many options in store for her. Until, a teacher recognises her extraordinary gift. With nothing but a violin under her arm, Shana goes on a spiritual journey: guided by a wolf and by her musical talent, she reconnects with the First Nations culture and with her deceased mother. Italian-Swiss director Nino Jacusso (with a background as documentary maker) spent months with the ‘People of the Creeks’ and came back with a story that equally shows and deserves deep respect. Continue reading “Interview with Nino Jacusso, director of SHANA – THE WOLF’S MUSIC”

Interview with Director Veit Helmer about FIDDLESTICKS

“Coati’s can play the piano”

FiddlesticksBollersville’s inhabitants are average. Proud to be! And willing to do everything to stay average. In fact, they’re so average that they get to test every new product before it hits the market. The children of Bollersville are no longer keen on being human guinea pigs and set a new goal: when you break a world record, you’re not average anymore. This marks the start of a new era for Bollersville: the era of total chaos! Continue reading “Interview with Director Veit Helmer about FIDDLESTICKS”

Interview with Monique Ruinen, Dutch Consultant for Youth & Family Movies

“Every subject can have its place in a Dutch youth film”

Monique_RuinenWhen it comes to children’s film, The Netherlands are European market leaders, in quality and probably in quantity. At Cinekid, Amsterdam, MIFFY (by Hans Perk) was awarded ‘Best Dutch Children’s Film 2013’ while the audience chose for anti-bully film REGRET! by Dave Schram. And now FINN and A CHRISTMOOSE STORY are competing in Berlinale’s Generation. Continue reading “Interview with Monique Ruinen, Dutch Consultant for Youth & Family Movies”

Interview with Ilgar Najaf about BUTA

“Directors often feel like Christopher Columbus”

Buta2_g7-year old Buta lives with his grandmother in a mountain village in Azerbaijan. Life seems easy: Buta goes to school, plays with his girlfriend, fights a group of envious boys and meets a new friend and tutor, an old soap seller encouraging him by his worldly wisdom and telling him stories from a long gone past. Continue reading “Interview with Ilgar Najaf about BUTA”

Interview with Evgeny Ruman about IGOR AND THE CRANES’ JOURNEY

“We intended to cut before the kissing started”

Evgeny_RumanVisiting his divorced dad – an ornithologist with a special interest in cranes – Igor (11) witnesses a crane chick hatching from an egg and names it ‘Karl’. When mum decides to start a new life in Israel, Igor has a hard time settling in the new country. Meanwhile Karl is about to set off on its winter migration to Africa, a life-threatening journey. Karl might set ‘foot’ on Israeli ground, luring dad on his trail to study the bird’s migration patterns. Igor decides to build a winter home to welcome Karl. Continue reading “Interview with Evgeny Ruman about IGOR AND THE CRANES’ JOURNEY”


“Do you know that children have unlearned the capability of climbing a tree?”

Janno_Poldma5 years long Europe has awaited the return of the curious and helpful doggy-girl from Gadgetville. Back home in Estonia fans didn’t have to exercise the same patience, as books, musicals and TV-series about Lotte were presented. And soon the LotteWorld theme park will open its gate. Continue reading “Janno Põldma & Heiki Ernits’ LOTTE AND THE MOONSTONE SECRET”