Floor van der Meulen about THE LAST MALE ON EARTH

At Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya, the Most Eligible Bachelor in the World has found his final resting place. After 42 years on this planet, the last male northern white rhinoceros, Sudan, has passed away. THE LAST MALE ON EARTH portrays the gentle giant’s last months.

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Chicken-shit meets Beautiful Eyes

40 years ago, Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader decided to cross the Atlantic in a tiny sailing boat. Nine months later his boat was found off the coast of England. Without Bas Jan. Why did Ader venture into such a daring voyage and how did he overcome his fear?

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Nora Fingscheidt about SYSTEM CRASHER

Wild, disturbing and dissonant

‘System Crasher’ – this unofficial term refers to a young person who pushes the youth welfare system to its limits, and finally to failure. In this case, we’re not talking about a troubled teenager, but about Benni, a traumatised 9 year old girl, who has already been rejected from numerous foster families, community houses, special schools and she always ends up in children’s psychiatry. Everyone is overstrained with this unpredictable, manipulative, violent little girl and her inexhaustible energy. Finally there is Micha, Benni’s final straw to cling onto. But Micha already has a family.

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Jim Loach about MEASURE OF A MAN

“We had to drag ourselves out of bed to catch the light”

The Zlin Festival has a special nose for youth cinema. Every year some seemingly obscure titles are picked up from the darker corners of the independent Anglo-Saxon market, emerging as true festival revelations. This year there were several, like JELLYFISH (UK), INDIAN HORSE and GIANT LITTLE ONES (Canada) and METAL HEART (Ireland). One title from the US that caught attention was MEASURE OF A MAN by Jim Loach.

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How not to become a professional football player

In China football might seem to be the new religion, but there’s kids in rural villages who have never even seen a football for real. They need a teacher like Xi Ge to explain them the rules of the game and infect them with a passion for playing. YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE stirs football mania on the high mountain plateaus of Sichuan. Until a disastrous earthquake brings an end to the game. The film that director Xu Cheng brought to the Zlin Festival, has an intriguing opening sentence: “Let me introduce myself. I am this ball.”

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Rima Das about BULBUL CAN SING

“I can teach you how to dance in a car!”

Bulbul is a joyful teenager, living in a small Indian village. She can sing like a nightingale, although not in the presence of others. Her best friend Bonny has an even more beautiful voice. And then there’s Suman. His classmates call him “Ladies” but to two young girls exploring their identity, he is like the perfect friend. One day Bulbul finds out she has a secret admirer, who writes her poems full of affection. But strict moral codes are putting a permanent pressure upon the three teenagers.

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Frederike Migom about BINTI

“A sheet of paper that says you don’t exist”

There is no place to call home,” says Binti, the main character in Frederike Migom’s feature film debut. Certainly not in the squat, from which they have to flee for the police, and not in Belgium, where they have been living for years without a residence permit. Even though on her YouTube vlog Binti has plenty of followers, officially – on paper – she doesn’t even exist.

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Youth documentary producers Tangerine Tree

“A substantial part of the production budget was spent on fines”

Nienke Korthof and Willem Baptist are the driving force behind Dutch production company Tangerine Tree, experts in the field of youth documentaries. On the occasion of receiving the ECFA Doc Award 2019 in Berlin for LENNO & THE ANGELFISH, Baptist, on stage, described their company as “hardcore children’s documentary producer”.

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