Winner of the ECFA Award 2018: UP IN THE SKY

Petter Lennstrand: “Puppets in itself are dead material”

This year’s ECFA Award winner addresses the very youngest audience with a feature in which live actors and puppets playing alongside each other. In this wonderfully absurd adventure everything is possible, thanks to a brave girl with a boundless imagination. Director Petter Lennstrand came toBerlin to collect his prize: “I’m really happy about this award. In Sweden the expectations for UP IN THE SKY were limited, but the film will still be around for a while in the festivals.”

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Film in Focus: Soner Caner & Baris Kaya’s RAUF

“First you’re a child and then you’re an adult”

rauf_1Rauf, 9 years old, lives in a Kurdish mountain village in East-Turkey, where an unseen yet still unfinished war casts a dark shadow over the minds and moods of the people. Rauf quits school and becomes a carpenter’s apprentice. In the atelier, he witnesses the despair of the villagers, coming to order coffins for their fallen offspring. Continue reading “Film in Focus: Soner Caner & Baris Kaya’s RAUF”

Interview with Ga-eun Yoon about THE WORLD OF US

“What is loneliness and where does it come from?”
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Director Ga-eun Yoon still wonders humbly if the emotions in her deeply touching film THE WORLD OF US can be understood worldwide. They certainly can! The film does not tell a straight-forward bullying story, but speaks of an outsider, a vulnerable girl drowning in supreme loneliness. Sun, 10 years old, tries to fit in, but is ignored by everyone, always the last to be picked out for class teams. Everything seems to change the day she meets Jia… Continue reading “Interview with Ga-eun Yoon about THE WORLD OF US”

Catti Edfeldt and Lena Hanno Clyne about SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY

ssv_pressphoto_creditkarolinapajak_04_5kSIV SLEEPS ASTRAY, this year’s Generation opening film, takes you to a territory seldom explored: a live action film for a very young audience, situated in the twilight zone between dream and reality. When Siv sleeps over at her friend Cerisia’s for the first time, she enters an unfamiliar environment: weird parents, weird animals, weird food… By night the entire flat turns into an unreal place. Siv wants to return home as soon as possible, but dad’s phone number is safely stored in Cerisia’s pyjamas. But where is Cerisia suddenly? Siv starts wandering through the house… Continue reading “Catti Edfeldt and Lena Hanno Clyne about SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY”

Bruce Webb about SOCIAL SUICIDE

We will all end up big and fat

Bruce_Webb17-year-old Balthazar constantly films his friends on the streets or at parties and puts his material online. When one morning two teenagers are found dead, Balthazar’s footage becomes important evidence for a police officer trying to reconstruct the crime. Will Balthazar become an indispensable element in the police investigation or will his voyeuristic habits now turn against him? In SOCIAL SUICIDE, vaguely structured as a contemporary ‘Romeo & Juliet’ story, director Bruce Webb (THE BE ALL AND END ALL) shines a light on youngsters’ abuse of power in today’s world of social media. Continue reading “Bruce Webb about SOCIAL SUICIDE”

Yosef Baraki about the film MINA WALKING

Mina_Walking_3MINA WALKING might be one of the strongest feminine testimonies you’ve ever seen. Twelve-year-old Mina from Kabul has her hands full: keeping house and earning money for her father and grandfather. She has long since become accustomed to not expecting any praise for her sacrifice. She rarely finds time to play with friends. Things get even worse when it slowly dawns on her what kind of arrangements her father makes and where he has suddenly got money from… Director Yosef Baraki, living in Canada, was at the Schlingel Festival. Continue reading “Yosef Baraki about the film MINA WALKING”

Tessa Schram about PAINKILLERS

The choice for atmospheric bricks

Painkillers_5One by one, the books of Dutch author Carry Slee were adapted in movies such as REGRET!, XTC – JUST DON’T DO IT, TIMBUKTU by the scriptwriting / directing couple Maria Peters & Dave Schram. Now their daughter Tessa Schram makes her directorial debut with yet another Carry Slee movie. In PAINKILLERS Casper (Gijs Blom), a gifted young musician, lives with his mother. The only thing he knows about his father is that he is working abroad as a war photographer. When mum gets diagnosed with cancer, Casper’s whole life is turned upside down. School, love, his musical career… nothing seems easy any more. Continue reading “Tessa Schram about PAINKILLERS”