Regina Welker & Nina Wels about LATTE AND THE MAGIC WATERSTONE

“Eating worms and bugs is part of a hedgehog’s life”

Now the animals are suffering from a water shortage, young reckless hedgehog girl Latte clumsily spills the last drops of water. When all the animals gather in an emergency meeting, the raven tells them about Bantur, the Bear King, who stole the magic waterstone. Latte has no other option than believing the story and courageously embarks on a quest. On her journey through the forest, she is joined by her best friend Tjum. But being friends with a stubborn girl like Latte is not always easy. We meet both directors of the ambitious looking animated feature right after the film’s world premiere at the Schlingel Festival.

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Guillaume Maidatchevsky about AÏLO – A LAPLAND ODDYSSEY

“This movie is my answer to a taxi driver”

AÏLO – A LAPLAND ODDYSSEY follows a young reindeer on his first steps into an icy world, above the Arctic Circle. It takes Aïlo only five minutes to get on his feet, in the next five minutes he learns to walk, and then later to swim and run through the snow. All this, we observe at close range, on a journey through a grandiose terrain, that Aïlo shares with other wild animals. Some of them are hilariously funny, and all of them are fascinating. 

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Jonathan Elbers about THE CLUB OF UGLY CHILDREN

“All our lines are all stolen from leaders who are currently in power”

Keep it clean!” President Isimo’s slogan does not only refer to the city streets but also to the people. Whoever doesn’t fit into his perfect picture will be deported. Like Paul and some of his “ugly looking” classmates. Paul escapes and goes underground. The rebel movement prepares a national uprising, but a bounty hunter is sent to hunt them down. Dystopian science fiction is not the most popular among children’s film genres. When watching THE CLUB OF UGLY CHILDREN you might wonder why not.

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Willem Bosch & Sanaa Giwa about AFTERLIFE

Do not pull that string

How many milkshakes did I drink during my life? How many people have ever been in love with me? Those are the kind of questions that 16-year-old (and just deceased) Sam asks the angel who welcomes her at heaven’s gate. But her most important question remains unanswered… Sam cannot decide: should she go to heaven and be reunited with her mother, or should she choose reincarnation? Sounds complicated… Dutch director Willem Bosch tells the story with great ease and a sense of surrealism.

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Imogen Thomas about EMU RUNNER

“Emus have a curious nature, which worked to our advantage”

Nine-year-old Gem Daniels lives in a remote Australian town. As she copes with her mother’s death, Gem finds solace in the company of a wild emu. This heart-warming story plays out against the challenges that come from living in a small and isolated community. “It was a privilege to share these people’s lives. I think that is a gift for all of us” says director Imogen Thomas.

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“The best stories are often with the outsiders”

Sam, who is often described by friends as “weird”, is spending the holidays on a coastal island in the north of The Netherlands. Even in the company of his brother, his parents and herds of tourists, Sam still has a gift for ‘feeling alone’. Until he meets Tess, an elusive girl carrying a big secret. Being friends with Tess is not just fun, it is also a challenge, as the girl’s wandering thoughts and impulsive decisions often put their relationship to the test. This summer, they will both learn about the importance of friendship, trust and about families, that you should cherish instead of flee from.

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Drazen Zarkovic about MY GRANDPA IS AN ALIEN

“We cherish a bit of eccentricity”

Ignored by her classmates, Una has grandpa as her best friend. But one night, when strange light beams are circling over the garden, grandpa disappears. Kidnapped by aliens! That’s a story nobody would believe. Until Una meets the small robot Dodo, who shares with her a family secret: your grandpa is an alien! When her mother suddenly gets sick, Una and her robotic friend have only 24 hours to find grandpa and save mum.

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“We need people like Pippi!”

You might regularly meet a bunch of crazy characters in children’s films, but rarely will you meet one as unique as Rocca. She’s living her life to the fullest, not every day, but every moment, day after day. While her dad is watching over her as an astronaut in outer space, 11-year-old Rocca lives alone with her squirrel, for the first time in her life attending a normal school. Like the rightful granddaughter of Pippi Longstocking, Rocca is ready and willing to turn your whole world upside down.

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