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English title: Chitana
Original title: Chitana
Tunesia, Qatar, Norway, 2021, 20 min.

Director: Amel Guellaty
Production company:
Atlas Vision
Asma Chiboub

Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

Eya and Sofia, two sisters of ten and twelve years old, are sent to the local grocery store by their mother. They seize the chance to have an adventure in the nearby forest where, usually, they’re not allowed to go. The woodland, both stunning and terrifying, becomes a setting for their games. They go deep inside it, full of enthusiasm, because, for the first time ever, they’re free to do whatever they want, with no one to watch them, just like boys! But freedom comes with a cost. Sofia loses her younger sister in the vast forest. When night falls, the only thing she can do is return home without Eya.

Mo&Friese 2022

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