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English title: Ninnoc
Original title: Ninnoc
German title: Ninnoc
Netherlands, 2015, 19 min.

Director: Niki Padidar
Production company:
Zuidenwind Filmproductions
P.O. Box 4673
4803 ER Breda
The Netherlands

Age recommendation: 12+ years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Who am I really behind my smile? And who do the others see when they see me? What’s “normal” really anyway? Ninnoc describes her fears and the conflicts that she has to endure at school due to her supposed “differentness”. Her independence is matched only by her deep desire to belong. This documentary portrait shows a sensitive and strong-willed girl caught up in clear-sighted despair, trying hard to dance her troubles away.

Festival Contact:
Renate Zylla:

Berlin Generation 2016 (awarded)


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