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Hedgehog´s Home

English title: Hedgehog´s Home
Original title: Hedgehog´s Home
German title: Haus des Igels, Das
Canada, Croatia, 2017, 10 min.

Director: Eva Cvijanovic
Production company:
National Film Board of Canada
Montréal, Kanada
+1 514 2839133

also world sales
+1 800 2839000

Co-producers: Bonobostudio Zagreb, Croatia,
Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Film genre: Animation

In a world made of felt, the hedgehog lives deep in the forest, surrounded by moss-covered stones, bright red strawberries, mushrooms and rambling bushes. But one night, the sly fox, the greedy bear, the wicked wolf and the muddy wild boar are lying in wait for him. They have nothing better to do than to make fun of the Hedgehog’s little home. (Generation catalogue)

Narrated in rhyme, this charming adaptation is based on a fable by the Yugoslavian author Branko Copic.

Berlinale Generation 2017 (laudable mention)
Mo & Friese 2017


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