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Safia´s Summer

English title: Safia´s Summer
Original title: Safia´s Zomer
Netherlands , 2017, 15 min.

Director: Els van Driel
Production company:
Oude Amersfoortseweg 79
1213 AC Hilversum
Phone: +31 35-2210022

Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Imagine being locked up in your house and not being able to go to school. This is what happened to Safia from Libya. It was too dangerous because of the war and if she wanted to go outside, she had to wear a headscarf and long clothes. Safia didn’t want this.
Together with her parents and two younger brothers, she had to endure a dangerous boat trip to flee to the Netherlands.
Now she lives in a refugee camp. She is able to go to school again but stills feels locked up. All her friends inside the camp move away one by one. This is why she decided not to make friends anymore. She describes her life as ‘Living in Black’ because she feels it failed enormously.
But during the summer holidays, there is a ray of light: she is allowed to go to the youth camp with other refugee children. She loves it and believes this is how her life should look like.
By engaging in activities like boxing, singing and drawing, she manages to keep herself together. She knows she is strong. But when will my life start again, she thinks out loud.

About Just Kids (aka Mensjesrechten)

Just Kids is a series youth documentaries on Dutch public television. It is all about children's rights. Just Kids wants to touch people in their hearts by making journalistic highly qualified stories, that are of artistic value, and that enlarge knowledge of childrens- and human rights . We give a voice to children by making them tell their own stories. We always look for children that became strong through experience. Children that touch our hearts, give us hope, let us laugh and inspire us to come in action for defending the rights of others around us.
The series is made by different (freelance) youth documentary makers. The films are screened all around the world. On television and filmfestivals. Also they are used in several countries for educational means. Just Kids was declared winner of the GOUDEN KINDERKAST jury price at Cinekid filmfestival 2015. /

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KUKI Short Film Festival 2018
New York International Children's Film Festival 2018
Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival 2017
TIFF Kids 2017
Cinekid 2017

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