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Theory of Sunset, The

English title: Theory of Sunset, The
Russia, 2017, 9 min., no dialogue

Director: Roman Sokolow
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Film genre: Animation

In the forest, the stars are shining brightly. The snow crunches and the crows look down from the branches of the trees. A creature is slowly climbing a ladder which stretches its way up, over the treetops. With the help of a coin, the sun comes up and the village comes to life. A playful, beautiful film about life and death and how the Sun makes its way across the sky.

Ale Kino 2019
Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People 2018 (ECFA short film Award)
Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival Hamburg 2018 (awarded)
BUFF 2018
New York International Children’s Film Festival 2018 (awarded)
Festival of Animated Film, Stuttgart 2018

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