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Year of Production 2022

Aurora's Sunrise

English title: Aurora's Sunrise
German title: Aurora - Star wider Willen
Armenia, Germany, Lithuania, 2022

Director: Sahakyan, Inna
Production company: Bars Media, Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion
Co-producers: Artbox, ARTE, ZDF
Length: 90 min.
Film genre: Animation

In 1915, as WWI rages on, the Ottoman Empire systematically begins to deport and massacre its entire Armenian population. Only 14 years old, Aurora is forced onto a death march towards the Syrian desert, she loses her entire family and is sold to be part of a harem. But through twists of fate as well as her determination and courage, she manages to escape and finally flee to the United States. Soon the press becomes aware of her story and the teenage girl becomes a bestselling author. When Hollywood decides to turn her story into a silent movie she is asked to act in the film as herself. On set she relives all the atrocities she was trying so hard to forget… The film eventually becomes a box-office hit all over the United States. And Aurora becomes the face of what is still the largest humanitarian campaign in American history, collecting large amounts of donations for Armenian orphans and refugees.
But eventually all film reels disappear and with them the memory of Aurora’s story. Just a few months after her death a film fragment of 18 minutes is re-discovered! On this basis as well as her own testimony and the magic of artfully crafted animation, Aurora’s incredible odyssey is revived. The inspiring story of a woman, who refused to be a victim no matter what stood in her way.

Hamburg IFF 2022, Annecy IFF 2022, Armenia's submission for Oscar 2023, Göteborg IFF 2023, Animok Viborg IFF 2023

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