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Year of Production 2022

Until Sunset

English title: Until Sunset
Original title: Tot Zonsondergang
German title: Until Sunset *
Netherlands, 2022

Director: Rees Albert Jan van
Production company: IJswater Films
Co-producers: EO
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 70 min.
Film genre: Feature film

For a close group of friends, it is the last summer evening before their very first day of high school. When one of them mysteriously disappears after dinner, a thrilling adventure-laden quest begins, from a chase through their old school, a confrontation with a group of older bullies to a meeting with Crazy Marie, the woman feared by every kid in the village. At the end of the night, their view on life has changed ever so slightly from before, placing them firmly on the road to adulthood.

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