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Year of Production 2022

Håkan Bråkan

English title: Håkan Bråkan
Original title: Håkan Bråkan
German title: Håkan Bråkan
Sweden, 2022

Director: Kjellsson, Ted
Production company: Unlimited Stories AB
Age recommendation: 7 years and up
Length: 87 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Håkan Bråkan has the world’s most boring babysitter, Amanda - and Håkan has to escape from her and run home where he can win a very important computer game competition. This is how it all starts with a lot of misunderstandings where Håkan is suddenly eye to eye with both burglars and ostriches. He must use all his skills from the gaming world out in the real world to catch them. If he makes it, he will get his time to play in the competition but also he will save the neighbors - and as well his own future!.

Kristiansand CFF 2023, Oulu CFF 2023 (awarded)

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Unlimited Stories

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Nordisk (SE)