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Year of Production 2022

Princess Cursed in Time 2, The

English title: Princess Cursed in Time 2, The
Original title: Princezna zakletá v Case 2
German title: Alchemisten und der Fluch der Zeit, Die
Czech Republic, 2022

Director: Kubik, Peter
Production company: ProfesionalniVideo
Co-producers: Three Brothers
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 130 min.
Film genre: Feature film

A young alchemist Amelie acquires forbidden magic powers – she can partially manipulate the time. However, abusing her new powers splits her existence in half and Amelie in the present meets with Amelie from the past, who keeps following her everywhere. From the long forgotten darkness of times a new threat rises – an alchemist called The Lord of the Runes who wants to control all magic in Oberon. To succeed, he must rob Amelie of her power over time. Amelie and her closest friends – princess Ellena and prince John of Calderon set off to the magical city of Ayra, the residence of the Alchemist Society sworn to protect the magic. With the help of the Society, Amelie must face not only the most powerful enemy she has ever encountered, but also her own desire for forbidden powers. (Catalogue JuniorFest Plzen 2022)

JuniorFest Plzen 2022, Cottbus IFF 2023

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